Track Review: May I Have This Dance (feat. Chance the Rapper) by Francis and the Lights

While the original is not a recent release, Francis Farewell Starlite has released a remixed single of his track “May I Have This Dance” from the album Farewell, Starlite, featuring Chance the Rapper, as well as an accompanying music video.

What feels like a successor to the music video for “Friends”, the music video consists of Chance seeming to practice different dance moves, sharing certain similarities to the dance done by Justin Vernon and Francis on the same glossy white platform. Then for the final chorus, Francis joins him on the stage to perform the final product. In the production of both music videos, one of the aims is to let the featured artists be themselves, which is exactly what Chance does. Chance wears his typical attire with a shirt giving a shout out to his hometown Chicago, plus, as usual, a cap with a 3, referring to his third mixtape Coloring Book. And his lyrics serve as an extension of one of the major themes of Coloring Book, his love for his newborn daughter Kensli, whose birth, he has expressed, was a life-changing event for him, challenging him to examine the path he was walking down in life and renewed his faith in God.

While lyrically and visually simple, both the music and video are engaging in their own right. Chance and Francis’ vocals complement each other and mesh well with the instrumentation. And one cannot help but be drawn in and dance along with Chance as he works on perfecting his dance, not just because of his personal, welcoming, friendly presence but also because of the attention-grabbing bass and percussion. And as is the case with Francis’ general style, the sound of the track is pleasantly reminiscent of Genesis and Phil Collins’ solo works.

Though it is not a stunning, masterful production, it is fun to watch and listen to and has some replay value. Watch the music video for “May I Have This Dance”. 




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